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Birchwood Energy Ltd are dedicated to helping businesses reduce their energy costs. We achieve this by providing competitive renewal prices for gas and electricity and ensuring that the client remains in control of their supply agreements at all times.

  • We save you time and money by working on your behalf to secure the best available energy prices.
  • We are independent, working impartially with the major energy suppliers to offer extremely competitive rates.
  • We will assist in controlling your energy contract, thus preventing out of contract situations at excessive rates.
  • We will help you to make an informed decision, ensure a seamless contract and supply transition, if required.
  • We manage your contract throughout its term and will negotiate and handle your future contracts.
  • If you accept the contract option we present, we will then receive a commission from the supplier.

Electricity procurement by Birchwood Energy

Birchwood Energy provide a range of electricity products and services to our clients. This includes variable and fixed term contracts (ranging from 1 to 5 years), smart metering, Direct Debit options, plus bespoke tariff solutions, should the client require it.

We are the link between your business energy requirements and the supplier, so our ability to profile each client's needs is our specialty.

Our team works hard to ensure clients keep their electricity supply costs to a minimum. This allows our clients to maximise their time efficiently, while we deal with the supply, costs and renewals issues.

Gas procurement by Birchwood Energy

Our agreements allow us to negotiate on the client's behalf with UK gas suppliers to ensure that they are paying a competitive rate for their gas supply. What’s more, we also monitor the gas market for the clients, allowing the client to focus on their business.

Birchwood Energy offer fixed and variable term contracts (from 1 to 5 years), Direct debit options, smart metering and customised pricing options for the clients who require it.

We are dedicated to providing a cost effective and competitive solution for your gas supply requirements.

Lower energy costs, improved energy efficiency

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