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CORE property management showing a front room where Birchwood Energy saved them money

CORE Property Management

Who are we?
Core Property Management manages portfolios of properties for clients in various locations mainly in the North West. We look after around 300 commercial properties, including multi-occupancy buildings which have shared areas such as stairs and lifts, and where a service charge is applied for these areas to be maintained. It’s our job to collect the rent from the tenants and maintain the buildings, as well as to get the best deals we can on the gas and electricity for our clients.

We liked Birchwood Energy's approach...
We’ve worked with Birchwood Energy before and really like the way they do things. Warren Munday is very genuine, polite and helpful, and is very good at explaining what he does, how he does it, and he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

Birchwood Energy has saved us up to 50% on energy costs!
Working with Birchwood Energy has made a huge difference to us. They get our clients the very best deals on gas and electricity, which this takes a huge amount of pressure off us. It’s not only our clients that benefit from these reduced prices, but their tenants also. The amount we save does vary. Sometimes it’s small but makes a difference, while other times we’ve saved up to 50% on our clients’ gas and electric costs.

Warren keeps on top of our contracts...
Warren is very thorough, pleasant and helpful. He adds value by keeping on top of all our contracts and knows exactly when they are coming up for renewal, so we don’t have to worry. It’s like having an extra pair of hands in the office and really takes the strain off us as a small company.

Birchwood Energy go above and beyond.
Birchwood Energy will do anything to help. We had some issues with an electrician installing some electric meters, but Warren went out of his way to resolve the situation and got the meters installed. This was huge. He didn’t have to do it, but it emphasises the real added value service he gives to his customers.

Lower energy costs, improved energy efficiency

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