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Who are we?
At Blazers Fuels, we process the woodchip residue from timber sawmills and make it into wood pellets and briquettes. Once processed, these can be used for fuel, both in the home on an open fire, in a wood burning stove, or commercially. Not only is it a clean and efficient fuel source, but the raw material comes from sustainable and well managed forests.

Birchwood Energy saved us £70,000 per annum on our energy bills!
Blazers Fuels is a heavy user of electricity. Approximately 40,000 tonnes of wood chips are converted into pellets and briquettes on our site. This process is extremely energy intensive and our annual fuel bills were around £500,000. We needed someone to look at our energy costs and get us a better rate. That's when Birchwood Energy were recommended to us.

After an initial conversation with Warren, he looked at the market and came back with several proposals. Our savings have been substantial.  We’ve saved around 15% on our fuel bills, which equates to around £70,000 per year!

Warren has his finger on the pulse of the energy market...
To get the best rate he could, Warren spoke to a lot of energy suppliers. We’d never heard of some of them, but this is where Warren’s huge amount of experience came into play - he knew precisely the right people to talk to. 

Using Birchwood Energy has really helped us.
We’re a young business and a new limited company but Birchwood Energy got us a decent rate and some trade credit. They also negotiated for payments to be made by Direct Debit which, for us, worked better than paying for everything up front.

Birchwood Energy can help us save for the future.
Warren kept us up to date with regular reports and ensured we knew what was happening and what to expect. He understands the energy market as a whole, as well as the sectors within it. As such, we’re talking to him about our requirements for the future. 

Lower energy costs, improved energy efficiency

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