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Abbeystone Property Management (Norwich Branch)

Who are we?
Abbeystone Property Management is based in Norfolk and provides a huge range of property management solutions to suit every type and size of property. Our Norwich branch deals in block management and looks after around one thousand properties. These have communal areas and as such need electricity to power lifts and lights. It’s our job to look after these areas and secure the best electricity price we can for our clients.

Birchwood Energy takes the pressure off us...
Before we met Warren Munday at Birchwood Energy, we had to work with multiple electricity companies to get the best deals for our clients. This took a huge amount of time and carried with it a lot of pressure, so we asked Warren if he could look after it for us. He does a great job of using his knowledge and expertise to keep on top of all the different tariffs and latest deals. He knows when our contracts are to be renewed and cuts through all of this to get us the best deal when we need it. And he sorts all of the paperwork so we don’t have to!

Birchwood Energy has saved us time and money...
Warren is a very genuine guy and loves working with businesses to get them the best deals. He’s been a huge help to me and to the business and has saved me a lot of time, trouble and money.  

Warren is very hands on and reliable.
From the start, Warren was very hands on and easy to contact if we had a question. He replied quickly via email or was happy to come into the office to chat. He’s reliable and has helped us so much since coming on board. We don’t need to worry about this now, which means we can spend more time looking after our clients.

Lower energy costs, improved energy efficiency

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