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PointHouse Residential Care Home

Who are we?
PointHouse Residential Care Home provides residential and day care services for adults with learning difficulties. PointHouse chose to work with Birchwood Energy to assist with their electricity and gas procurement.

Birchwood Energy has enabled Pointhouse to dramatically reduce gas and electricity energy expenditure through their effective procurement service. Their market knowledge and negotiation ability allow Pointhouse to consistently benefit from improved contract rates, time after time.

The Birchwood Energy account management teams are proactive, enthusiastic and take real ownership of our account. They ensure that we don’t fall into suppliers ‘cynical practices’, like being penalised by out of contract rates. Their team provide energy management advice that is clear, concise and supports our decision making process. Their attention to detail was justified when they identified errors with our invoices and resulted in a refund from the energy supplier in excess of £4000!

Effective and expertise management of PointHouse’s utility spend has ensured that we not only save money on the price of gas and electricity, but also in the time taken to compile, compare and negotiate with the energy suppliers. 

“It is important that we trust the advice that we are given and keeping our Energy Bills as low as possible is priority and with Birchwood Energy they make sure that we get the best prices. Birchwood Energy have assured that all our bills are checked so we only charged for what we use.”

Lower energy costs, improved energy efficiency

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